Frank Sparkes

We believe "Where Education Sparkes a Bright Future". We will emphasize diligence in students doing their best to be successful in the academics by fostering self-discipline, studying, and building a culture of valuing education.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! The staff and I are excited about continuing to create an optimal learning environment for all of our students. Our school believes in the success of every student. We believe Frank Sparkes Elementary is “Where Education Sparkes a Bright Future.” With this belief, we work hard to provide a quality education with high academic rigor for every child every day. We are building a culture of valuing education and enthusiasm for learning. Thus, our goal is to produce proficient students who will be career and college ready in order to compete in this competitive global society. We intend to find the Sparkes to high academic achievement and engage the students in meaningful, purposeful, and engaging lessons and activities. We have Mrs. Mayfield as our Literacy Coach to help our students with reading and writing. Our math coach is Virginia Medrano. The coaches work with our regular classroom teaching staff to differentiate the learning experience to bring out the best of all students. We are committed to the success of all students and strive to meet their individual needs. We will also continue to implement the California Common Core standards and all students will use a Chromebook in the classroom. The new CAASPP Common Core testing is now done on the computer, so this also gives them practice to be familiar with how to read and write on the computer before testing. Chromebooks are important in a world where typing skills and computer literacy are increasingly important and engaging children with computers at an early age will enable them to reap the benefits in later life.

We will continue to participate in our awards program, academic competitions, Accelerated Reader, the Merced County Spelling Bee, Junior Olympics, and the Merced County Writing Festival.

Parents, thank you so much for your incredible support of our school and programs. I welcome any volunteers to help in the classrooms, events, and our site council. As the principal of this school, I am so very proud of the work that we do with our students each day. It is our goal to create a positive school climate that maximizes instructional time for student learning, while developing strong physical, social, and emotional characteristics in a safe environment. We are all looking forward to a wonderful 2017- 2018 school year.

Please continue to check our website often for more Sparkes Eagles news and events.

See you on campus,

Kim Cuthriell

Sparkes Elementary School is housed on a 14.5-acre campus that includes classrooms, offices, a cafeteria, and a large recreation and play area, with an additional fenced play area for the kindergarten and preschool students. The school facility completed modernization seven years ago, and hosts an expanded media center, a 75-station teaching computer lab, and more office/reception space.

In addition to the media center and computer lab, other instructional space includes 13 permanent classrooms and 12 permanent portables. Regular maintenance of the facility is a commitment of the District and includes a multiyear Deferred Maintenance Plan to ensure regular painting and upkeep in accordance with standards for optimal safety and comfort.

Custodians clean each of the rooms every day. The District provides maintenance technicians and groundskeepers to manage and tend to routine and unexpected repairs.